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Everyday, thousands of families across America are losing their homes to foreclosures. Just because you have a reduction in income should not equate to a loss of your home as well. According to the latest news in real estate, the Housing Sector is going to get worse before it gets better; and there is no end in sight. Many homeowners surveyed across America never anticipated several years ago that they would now be in foreclosure status. Itís a reality that has come too soon for many of us. One missed payment on your Mortgage is all it takes to get the snowball rolling. Although the Federal Governmentís effort to come up with a solution to slow down the rate of families losing their homes, the implementation of a solution may take more time than most people have. Investing in an American Home Mortgage Protection Plan is a way to protect the Biggest Investment in your life from going down the drain when youíre faced with a financial crisis, and suddenly find it difficult to make the mortgage payments on your home.


American Home Mortgage Protection Plan (AHMPP™) offers a guaranteed mortgage protection plan that protects home owners in the event that they are unable to pay their monthly mortgage payment, due to a loss of income or some unforeseen crisis.

Our protection plans offer you the additional benefit of protecting your home from default. We are here to give you added protection from losing your home.

With an American Homeowners Mortgage Protection Plan (AHMPP™)
Your mortgage payments will be paid for you up to 6 months to help you get back on track. You and your family will enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that if you are unable to pay your mortgage, you don’t have to loose your home.

Sign up today to secure your home for tomorrow.

For as little as $2.50 a day you can protect your home!!


Choose the Protection Plan that’s right for you. Our Protection Plans are for every one whether you Own, Rent, or have Investment Property.